Saturday, December 4, 2010

Anderson Family::Orange County Family Photography

Kelly and I worked together this past summer and when she heard I was doing photos, she told me she needed family photos for her Christmas cards.  So, it took us a few months to find a time that would work, and me a few more months to get my act together to post them, but they're ready!  Three adorable girls on the beach?  Couldn't be any better (especially on these cold days...these were taken on a day when it was easily 100 degrees next to the water...I'm longing for those days!)  First, my favorite one.  
Such a good big sister!

She even found some life in the tide pools!
Sometimes little sisters need a squeeze to stay put...
The sand was just too much fun.  And the girls forgot they were wearing dresses.  Or maybe it never mattered?
One perfect shot of all three!

I couldn't get enough of this face!  Just look at those cheeks!

We had to "wait our turn" for these rocks!
Every photographers favorite shot.  Finally get all the kids looking at the camera and...

Ah, but I did get a few more with everyone looking! 
Father and daughters...looking very model-esque I must say....
We had to finish our time with a splash in the waves.... it was just too perfect of a sunset to waste it!

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