Monday, November 18, 2013

Raiya and Tyus :: Newborn and Family Photos

Raiya joined her brother Tyus just about two months ago.  Mom wanted some new family photos for Christmas cards, so I got to see Tyus again.  And I can't believe how much kids change in their first year!  Tyus was so tiny last time I saw him!
Now, he's a great big brother!
After catching some of the two of them, we caught the whole family and then some of precious Raiya, just like her brother had.
Such a beautiful family!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lalo & Cynthia :: Old Town Orange Engagement

 I met Cynthia while working on a Master's degree program.  She finished it.  I didn't (finish THAT one.)  But we've stayed friends over the years and have had lots of catching up sessions over cocktails and coffee about teaching, men, dating, school, traveling, and friends.  I knew she'd found someone special when she introduced me to Lalo, so I was elated when she told me she was engaged recently!  

 Cynthia and Lalo were so much fun to shoot because she'd been prowling Pintrest for a long time and knew exactly what she wanted - and she came prepared, but open to new ideas, too.  And seriously, just LOOK at this stunning couple. 

Lalo is from Peru and Cynthia's been to every country in the world (at least, I think that's her goal), so it fits that she wanted a travel theme.  We headed to the Old Town Orange train station and had some fun!  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Camille & Ray :: Orange County Maternity Photos

Camille and I have known each other for many years now.  We got married within a few months of each other, so we've been wedding dress shopping together and are now going to be mommies together!

Before Camille's shoot, we drove around her neighborhood looking for a beautiful park.  The one I had in mind was full of people for a fair. I don't know why we thought we needed to: Camille and Ray have a beautiful house and gorgeous backyard that was perfect for shooting!  

I love silhouette photos because when a mama looks back at being pregnant, she never remembers how round she was!  It's a great way to see that bump!

Their chocolate lab, Dante, has been the baby of the family for so long!  Of course he had to get in the photos, too!  Such a loving doggy - baby's going to have a best friend right away!

Dante already knows where his friend is!  

Such a beautiful family - we can't wait to meet baby Enzo!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Tyus :: Orange County Baby Photography

Tyus is three months old and growing fast!  I swear kids grow at lightening speed!  His daddy is Japanese, so grandma brought over a kimono for Boys Day.  It was a little bit too big for Tyus just yet, but I think he styled it quite well!

The doll and the kites all represented things like good fortune - Tyus showed us that he's all about embracing good luck!

Such a happy mama and papa!

While he rested so sweetly (don't you love the complete surrender babies have while they are sleeping?), Tyus' guard dog made sure no one disturbed him!  So sweet!