Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lalo & Cynthia :: Old Town Orange Engagement

 I met Cynthia while working on a Master's degree program.  She finished it.  I didn't (finish THAT one.)  But we've stayed friends over the years and have had lots of catching up sessions over cocktails and coffee about teaching, men, dating, school, traveling, and friends.  I knew she'd found someone special when she introduced me to Lalo, so I was elated when she told me she was engaged recently!  

 Cynthia and Lalo were so much fun to shoot because she'd been prowling Pintrest for a long time and knew exactly what she wanted - and she came prepared, but open to new ideas, too.  And seriously, just LOOK at this stunning couple. 

Lalo is from Peru and Cynthia's been to every country in the world (at least, I think that's her goal), so it fits that she wanted a travel theme.  We headed to the Old Town Orange train station and had some fun!  


  1. Wow those photo's are gorgeous
    I really love the one with the steps in the backround
    No I am not just saying that because you are my little girl

    1. Everything Jan said is true! Good use of Old Towne Orange's depot, too!

  2. Lindas las fotos. Reflejan su Felicidad!. Estoy muy feliz por uds. Bendiciones!.