Monday, January 17, 2011

The Growing West Family :: Orange County Family & Maternity Photography

My cousin Allison is about to have her fourth child.  With each baby, we've had a lot of fun capturing their growing family.  Since it's been cold and rainy, we haven't had a chance to do the same for baby #4 until last weekend.  We started off by grabbing some of the oldest kids.

Gibson and Harley have gotten used to my camera following them around, but Finley isn't so sure about me still.  Of course, Gibson used to shout at me to "Put that thing away!" and look at him now - hamming it up!  I know Finley will one day be like Harley, posing like a supermodel for me!

Finley is such a little girl - she can't wait to be a big sister and loves giving the baby kisses!

Like I said, these kids love the camera now - I think they forgot there's a little one inside of mommy.  We had to give Baby #4 a little of his or her own space!

Getting three kids to all smile at the camera at the same time?  Difficult, but with mom tickling, we got some genuine smiles!

Later, we captured a few of Allison and her baby all alone!

Can't wait to meet this little one soon!

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