Monday, February 21, 2011

Finn and Family :: Orange County Baby and Family Photography

Last weekend, we got to meet week-old Finn and his family.  Every newborn is different - some like all the attention and others just want to be left alone.  Finn seemed to know the camera was trained on him and he did superb!
Of course, there were a few unsettling moments, but he's still so stinkin' cute!  (I'm sure mom doesn't think that at 3 am, but...)
 Despite these moments, he was as angel. Don't believe me?  Check this one out!
 The whole family was there for photos - and everyone wanted to hold him.  He was very happy with all the attention - a sign of things to come I'm sure!  He's a lucky little man!


  1. Crazy Cute!!!

  2. Love it, love it,, love it! Adorable! And the parents look great too! :-)

  3. Finn is a wonderful beautiful baby that parents should be proud of ... even at 3AM in the morning. Congratulations. Just think about these moments when he is 16. Love Uncle Allan

  4. An experiment in genetics that worked beautifully. He is gorgeous. Farida & Ahsan

  5. Very cute indeed !! He is lucky to have seen his grandparents. Ali n lulu

  6. Lovely grandparents !! handsome parents!! naturally a beautiful, cute baby .God bless Najma