Monday, September 27, 2010

Sarah Strader Design Fabric Launch / Runway Show

On Thursday night, Sarah Strader premiered her new hand printed fabric.  She has spent hours designing, cutting, and printing fabric for several weeks. She finally revealed her designs with twelve beautiful ladies wrapped in saris walking down a runway. It was an exquisite on to see just how exquisite it was!

Each girl had their hair and makeup done by Trista Jamieson and Lindsey Gerhardt...all to match the fabric that was inspired by her trip to India.  And these amazing necklaces are by Christine Vert. Simply fabulous!



A little pre-show toast took away the jitters.  Sarah and her sister Angie didn't need a drink - they were both enjoying themselves without it! 

  Can you believe it?  Look at all this fabric!  These ladies were fabulous!

Before the walk, guests partook of wine and cocktails.

And then they walked.  The did a fabulous job!

Sarah pulled it off and finished with lots of smiles from everyone!

As everyone admired and took photos of the ladies, they also enjoyed cupcakes and hor dourves provided by Lala Rain Baking Company and Southern Comfort Confections.

Floral by Tustin Florist
Coordination with Betsy Lewis

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