Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just for fun::Temecula Wineries

Today was a great day. For several reasons.

One, I had a blast playing with my new camera. We got a Nikon D300s in the mail this week and I was stoked to be able to take it out to Temecula today. Secondly, a few friends had been trying to get together for what feels like forever, and today it finally happened. We decided wine tasting was the best way to celebrate an engagement, thesises (or is that thesi?) in the mail, and the kick off to a new school year. Oh, and a new camera too!
 Hillary and Ryan got engaged last weekend.  Congratulations you guys!  I can't wait to take their engagement photos in the next few weeks!
We tried a winery, found a very crowded winery, and ate our picnic lunch.  We laughed a lot, and then tried a few more! 

Needless to say, we did hit a breaking point.  Enough wine for one beautiful day!
I LOVE this new camera!

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