Monday, November 15, 2010

Rajeev & Brittnie :: Santa Monica Engagement Shoot

Rajeev and Jason have worked together for several years.  As we were dating, I always asked Jason, "How can we find Rajeev a good woman?" 
I didn't need to meddle.  Someone else did!  Rajeev's brother-in-law told him that he needed to meet this girl.  And he did.  And they hit it off.
Only snafu:  Brittnie lives on the EAST Coast!  So, for the past year, they've had a Skpye and "see-you-next-month-or-so" relationship.  Fortunately, now they are getting married!  We caught Brittnie (& Rajeev) on the West Coast (where we are super excited that she's moving)  and headed down to the Santa Monica pier one chilly fall afternoon.  These two are so much fun - this was the perfect place!

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